Adjustable Braided Loop Band - Pride

Pride Multicolor

Adjustable Braided Loop Band - Pride

Adjustable Braided Loop Band - Pride

Freedom meets style! With its unique beautiful design, this Adjustable Braided Loop Band is so incredibly comfortable and soft that your wrist will feel spoiled! The nylon braided material makes it breathable and light-weighted, ideal for any sports activities or for a day to day carefree feeling. The adjustable bracket will keep the band adjusted to your wrist. 

If the band gets dirty, you can manually wash and rinse it, or simply add it with your clothes in your next laundry. It's washing-machine-proof. 

Band Material Type: Nylon
Compatibility:     Apple Watch® Series 7/6/SE/5/4/3/2/1 (All versions)
Sizes Available: 38/40/41mm band fits 5.2"-7.4" wrist. 42/44/45mm band fits 5.7"-8.6" wrist. Select a size adapted to your wrist and your watch. 
Colors: Pride

Disclaimer: We sell third-party bands to use with your Apple Watch®. They are not made by Apple® and our store is not endorsed by Apple®.

Disclaimer: The product includes only the band, NOT the watch.