Case Cover for Airpod®


Case Cover for Airpod®

Case Cover for Airpod® 

This cover-case for your Airpod® is just so beautiful. 

This silicone case is assembled by hand from individual bands strips of colored fluoroelastomer. The strips are then machine die-cut and compression-molded together. This process results in subtle variations in the wavy rainbow design, making each case artfully unique. 

You can keep on charging your case with your regular cable (without having to remove the case) or your wireless charger. 

This product IS NOT compatible with the AirPod 3rd gen, the AirpodPro case being too large for this model. 

Item Type: Silicone case for Airpod® and Airpod® Pro
Material Type:Silicone
Compatible:Airpod® 1, Airpod® 2, Airpod® Pro. 

Disclaimer: We sell third-party cases to use with your Airpod® and Airpod® Pro. They are not made by Apple® and our store is not endorsed by Apple®.

IMPORTANT: does NOT include Airpods®, charging case, charging cable or wireless charger.